Led by great leaders


Opportunities to lead this generation

What You Experience



One-on-one leadership training workshops


Kid's Story Telling

Kids dances



Working with churches in their communities



Street Percussion



On the road to churches in the Northeast


Leading Student Teams

Teaching and training youth groups for outreaches



Human video and spoken word


Work Service

Meetings the needs in the community



Learn how to motivate and share with others

Application Process


Cost Includes.

  1. Food
  2. Transportation and Gas
  3. Housing Expenses
  4. Toiletries and Laundry
  5. Manuals and T-Shirts
  6. Ministry Supplies



  1. Click on APPLY NOW at the bottom of this page
  2. Hit APPLY NOW & fill out the 2018 Application to be considered to be apart of the Internship
  3. A $50 non-refundable deposit



  1. High school students going into the 11th grade
  2. No major health issues
  3. Must be able to commit to the entire tour dates
  4. Raising all the funds needed for the Internship tour
  5. Commitment to grow in their relationship with Christ

2018 Tour Dates

June 17th to July 29th

What Students Say


What are the ages to apply for the Tour?
All applications must be 16 (going into their 11th grade year) to 23 years old.
Why do I have to raise money and how much do I have to raise?
We require each intern to raise $2500 (amount subject to change) in order to cover the cost of the Tour program as a whole. The commitment to raise these funds to be a part of this tour is important to the success of the entire team as there are only 14 spots available, each person is responsible for raising their own support in order to help.
When can I apply?
The application is now live on our page. You can apply anytime. Applications close April 2018.

Do I have to pay for anything while there?
The $2500 support that interns raise will cover all of the basic expenses over the summer, traveling, meals, lodging, laundry and toiletries. The individual will pay for anything above and beyond those costs.
What exactly will we be doing every day on Tour?
The days will never be exactly the same.  Somedays, you will be training, doing service work, being a part of leadership trainings while other days we will be playing with kids in parks and doing outreaches alongside churches all while leading people to Jesus.  Everday you must be prepared to expect something different to happen.  Routine is something that we rarely get into on tour.
How many people are on Tour?
We are typically between 12-14 each summer.
How long is the Tourtour exactly?
Tour is exactly 43 days from the first training day until the final debriefing day.
I don’t have any experience in one or some of the training aspects (drama, human video, garbonics, evangelism, or kids ministry) can I still be used to lead?
Yes! As long as you are willing to learn and try these things and you put your best effort you will learn. If during training week you have difficulty in an area please seek out a leader to spend some extra time with you on that training aspect. It’s not about what you can do, but what you are willing to try to do that makes the difference!
When does the Tour start/end?
June 17th through July 29th
Will I need extra spending money for Tour?
That is completely up to you. In the past most students have brought anywhere from $50-$100 in spending money. We provide basic needs on tour but if there are some specific souvenirs or extra food beyond your allowance that you would like to purchase that is what the money can be used for.



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