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We want to build relational bridges with the community to connect people to the hope of Jesus.  We are continuing to create new ways to connect churches to their communities each year and we want to partner with you to build a strategy to reach your community.  Channel Conference is your own unique 3 day experience that equips your church to reach your community. We will help you create some short term wins while we are with you and build long term goals for reaching your community after we are gone.  Utilizing our assessment tools we help you Evaluate the community connections, Equip the church , and Engage in a community wide event. Let’s join together to connect people in your community to YOU!

Decide what's best for your community.

What We Offer



Conference Training

Equip your people to host an event.



Park Events

Finding new areas for ministry at local parks big and small.



Meeting Community Felt Needs

Finding needs and making a difference



Movie Nights

Giant outdoor movie screen for a community family night.



Community Connections

Partner with your local events



Social Media Campaign

Create a social media marketing plan to promote the event.

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