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We have a passion to equip others. It has always been in our DNA to follow the call of Ephesians 4:12.  One18 has been blessed with some incredibly gifted leaders over the years and we take our mission seriously.  One day on your mission field is not going to bring lasting change.  It will make an impact but your mission field is going to be best reached by YOU.  Partnering alongside of you for a few days will have a longer impact if we can impart to you some training to continue the mission to reach the community when we are gone.  We cater to the specific needs of every church.  Training is only good when it immediately impacts a current need.  We craft new workshops each year based on the needs that churches present to us.  So tell us what you need is and we will meet it.

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What We Offer



Proofs of the Bible

Understand the Bible through its context to gain the deeper insights of its message.



God Questions

There are a lot of great questions people have.  Learn how to answer them.



Situational Evangelism

Every encounter with the lost is different.  Knowing how to navigate situations helps.



Debunking Evangelism

Just because we have done things a certain way does not mean it is right.



One-on-One Evangelism

The Gospel is best presented individually.  Use your gift to share the message.



Evangelism and Discipleship

We are not just called to share.  We are called to make disciples.

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